Q: Do we accept returns?
A: Majority of our products right now are made on demand, we do not accept refunds. All sales are final. BUT I will fix it if there is a print issue with one of your products upon receiving. Please provide pictures of any issues with items to my Instagram page. DM me!

Q: Where is my order?
A: Sometimes our printer is quick, other times they’re just sitting there with their thumbs up their asses. If you have any questions please yell at us rudely. DM me on Instagram!

Q: How does your apparel fit?
A: Everything is printed on, 100% cotton items usually…but sometimes there’s a blend of some fuckery materials and shit, so read the product description. Look at the sizing chart. Measure your boobs and/or beer gut, and compare it to the chart to see which is the best option.

Q: Can you sponsor me?
A: If what you’re asking is for “free gear”, in return you’ll let everyone know who we are, where you got it, etc. I am sorry, but the answer is no. If you like our products, please support me, and buy them. I will gladly put up pictures of you wearing them up on our website & Instagram. I’ll even tag you to shout you out so you can become Instafamous or whatever! If you’re a band, I’d love to work with you, but the same applies, if you support us, we’ll support you! Post flyers for your upcoming shows etc. I love to cross-promote, just don’t harass me for free stuff! If you still think you’d be a great sponsor candidate, take the time to send a personalized email, don’t spam a canned message. A little effort goes a long way.

If you are Janice Griffith or Christy Mack, none of this applies to you, CONTACT ME immediately!

Q: What is Vulgar Cat?
A: Basically it’s apparel, and other goods, created by one asshole trying to piss everyone off, telling them off with saying, trying to offend people, but always providing quality shit!

Q: Do you accept order placed outside of the US?
A: Of course! The great thing about our print on demand company is that they have print shop throughout the world, USA, Mexico, Europe, and more. So when I place your order I will choose the closest fulfillment center for you!
Once Again.

Vulgar Cat is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged orders. That is something to take up with USPS FEDEX or how ever it arrived to you. We will not offer refunds or exchanges.

Q: I order multiple products, where the rest of my shit asshole?
A: As an on demand company, we don’t keep an on hand inventory of products, unless otherwise noted. We also use multiple product fulfillers because of price differences. We like to try and offer products as cheap as possible, but still offering quality products. So we use separate fulfillment houses.