I've been busy busy. With my son, work, daily shit. Just busy. But wanted to give a little writing to everything that's been going on and future plans
When originally starting Vulgar Cat, I wanted it to be a mixture of clothing items, along with leather goods. Well I got the clothing stuff out of the way, and continue to design more and more. But, now comes the leather part.
I'm a creative, I'm constantly thinking of design, what would look good on products, research products, ways others have done it, etc. My mind is always working. So with that...
I have some great ideas, and sketches of stuff I'd like to do, and also some different ways that I'd want to implement them. But this is all for future. I'm really trying to hone in on this skill, and make something of it. I am creating and crafting every day to perfect my craft of leather goods. I have a few pretty awesome products up in the leather collection, and many more to come. This craft has really expanded my mind, patience, willingness to learn, and adap, to something new and foreign. I've screwed up. I've lost money. I've learned. I've also made great things, that I am proud of. I'm still pushing myself to continue to grow as an artist, creator, and crafter.
100% Geniuine veg tan cow hide leather
For the stuff that is currently on sale and everything to come, ALL leather products come with a 100% Life Time Guarantee. Meaning if there is anything wrong or messed up on the production side of things (my end) then I will either fix or replace the defective item. Although this doesn't include normal wear and tear/ owner fault. 
With that being said, stay tuned for even more apparel products and leather products coming your want very very soon!